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August 2016 Update: No limitations / upload live shows!

"Let's lift those bans and get this flowing for the peeps to enjoy!!!!!
Kona Inn Recording"

Limited Flag: CopyReq + ApproReq

On June 30, 2003, Silverback Management gave permission to Tyler Huff for Pepper shows to be hosted at the Archive, under a Limited policy. Items require management approval. Uploaders, please follow their specific instructions carefully, thanks!

Items approved for upload: none yet

Pepper Live Music Archive (LMA) Policy (06/29/03):

Pepper encourages the audience taping and sharing of their shows.
However, before an audience recording is allowed to be uploaded and
spread to the public through the Live Music Archive (LMA) ( the management must approve the recording.

In order to do this, after you have recorded a concert, send an audio
copy to:

Silverback Management
Re: Pepper live show for LMA approval
1930 Rosebud Ave
Los Angeles CA 90039

Include with the CD the following, clearly written:

Your Name
Your e-mail address
The date / venue / city of the show you recorded
The source of the recording (what mic/deck/conversion you did)
Any other info you'd like the management to know.

Once Pepper management has reviewed your recording, and has decided that
they are okay with it being spread, they will e-mail you as well as the
administrators of the LMA ( ) announcing that this
particular source is approved for LMA upload and distribution. At that
time it is the responsibility of you, the taper, to make .shn and .md5
files from your recording and upload those to the Live Music Archive.
Once the show is fully uploaded, make the show public and then that is
it! The live concert will then be available to download for anyone in
the world at any time or day, all for free. Try and spread the recording
by doing trades for the show, burning free copies for your friends,
passing them on to other fans at the next Pepper show, whatever you want
to do. Remember, you taped the band, you were at the show, so obviously
you enjoy their music: do your best to spread the name of the band and
get people into the band. Also please support the band and purchase
their official album.

Visit the Official Pepper site:

Important Links:
Small SHN & MD5 FAQ:
SHN Info Database:
Live Music Archive (LMA):
Uploading shows to the LMA:

Pepper Official Taping Policy (06/29/03)

Pepper allows audio recording of their shows. All taping must be for
personal use only, which may include trading (via analog or digital
tape, CD, or digital file transfer).

Recordings should be kept in loss-less format (.shn, .flac, or .ape) to
preserve the recording quality, and lossy-formats should be avoided

Personal recording equipment is allowed at the shows (mic stands, Mini
Disk's, DAT's, Hard-drive recorders, etc.)

Soundboard (SBD) patches will only be given out to tapers on a
case-by-case basis when pre-approved by management.

Recordings may be traded only for an equivalent amount of similar media
(cassettes or CDs, pre-recorded or blank). Recordings may be traded
through FTP's, or any other file transfer methods.

When Pepper is performing at a festival or other event featuring
multiple bands, that particular event's policy may override Pepper's
customary taping policy.

Audience taping at Pepper concerts is authorized for non-commercial
purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is
strictly forbidden. All Pepper performances and recordings are the
exclusive property of Pepper. All rights reserved.

Please send a copy of your recording when you are done converting it, in
audio format to Pepper management at:

Silverback Management
1930 Rosebud Ave
1930 Rosebud Ave
Los Angeles CA 90039

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